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Naughty Pets Win Prizes - Join This Fun Competition! #NaughtyPets

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How's this for a cool online competition?   Terry's Fabrics is holding a contest to see whose pet has done the most damage in the home.  I am sure many of you out there have stories to tell and photos to show of Sparky's or Bruno's "handiwork".    

Who is Terry’s Fabrics?  – They are a nationwide seller of curtains, upholstery, soft furnishings, cushions and blinds.  And what pet doesn't like wrecking such items.   We had a dog Hank when I was growing up who was a pillow killer.  The stuffing had no chance!

Terry’s Fabrics are on a mission to find out the naughtiest pets out there, and to reward their owners with £500 that could go towards repairing the damage.

We all love our pets, but they don’t always love our furniture. Most pet owners have, at some point in their lives, come home to find naughty Fido or haughty Felix has come home and destroyed their favourite sofa or brand spanking new dining room chair.

And it’s not just dogs and cats that would take up a vendetta against our possessions. Those of you wild enough to own an animal like a ferret or those who prefer of talkative parrots know that these fun little fellows can do some serious damage with their claws and beaks.

Terry’s is running this competition to reward all those patient and loving pet owners across the land, who’ve had to endure some of the more exacerbating aspects of pet ownership. Our beloved pets' over exuberance can often lead to some seriously costly mishaps. So if you’ve had a pet that’s tore into some furniture then why not submit a quick picture of the damage and see if you can win? All you need to do is enter the competition is upload a picture of the damage (if you can get the offending pet into the picture all the better). Then add a short description of the damage done, including the cost. That’s it!




The winner will be decided on the basis of which pet we think is the naughtiest, and if we’re not sure the deciding factor will be on Facebook votes.

So why not enter and see if your naughty pet could make you £500 richer?



1st Place: £500

2nd Place: £150

3rd Place: £75


Contest starts 11th January  and ends February 21, 2016.  

NOTE:   This contest is open to UK, USA and Canadian residents!


How do you you enter?  Why....let me tell you. 


Step 1: Upload a photo of the damage the pet has done.

If you can't get a picture of the pet with the damage, then you can upload a picture using the upload file option and the bottom of the form. 


Step 2: Tell us why your pet is the naughtiest!

HINT:  Including the cost of the damage in the description, will give you the best chance to win.







Note:  If it is close, it will go down to which entry gets the most votes on Facebook.   Good luck!




Disclosure (As required by the FTC)  Terry's Fabrics sponsored this post and I have been compensated for sharing this cool competition.