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Test Your Dog Knowledge and Uncover Some ‘New Breeds’

Handy_tool cross breeder


How well do you know your dog breeds?  Even better, how well do you know your crossbreeds? Co-operative Insurance has created the really clever Crossbreed Generator Tool which lets you pair a wide variety of dog breeds with another.  Ever want to know what a Poodle crossed with a Dachshund looks like? Or a Dalmatian "dad" with a Bulldog "mom"?  How about an American Bulldog with a Boxer? can with this tool.  You'll also get to know their names.  Which by the way, are Doxiepoo, Bullmatian and Bulloxer respectively. 

Check out these interesting combos. (These were my top 6 favorites!)   Image Credits HERE











  Insurancelogo (1)

Okay....Just one more I have to share.  Great Danoodle!  How could I not?    You'll have fun checking out the Crossbreed Generator Tool.  You'll be on it for awhile.  Trust me.  

Great_danoodle BdPaws_yellow

Disclosure: (As required by the FTC)  This is a sponsored post and I have received compensation for sharing this super cool tool with my readers.