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Oscar sub zero(Oscar relies on me to make the best dog food choices)

This post is sponsored by Nutrience, PetSmart, and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the launch of Nutrience Subzero in PetSmart Canada but The Pet Blog Lady only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Nutrience and PetSmart are not responsible for the content of this article.


Look at that face.   That's my dog, Oscar.  He's 14 and a half and although he's considered elderly, he still has life to live.  Parks to go to, things to sniff, naps to take and toys to play with.  This little furry mop of a sweetie means the world to me. 

Because of that, I want to know that what I am giving him food-wise is nutritious, safe and working to nourish his senior, yet still active body.  He may not be the spry Bichon Frise that he use to be, but like he says, "14 is the new 10".   And I don't argue with him.  Ever. 

Many dog and cat pet parents are hearing more and more about the benefits of a raw diet. Healthy alternative for sure.  Convenient, well...not so much. I know for myself I don't have the time or space for having Oscar on a raw diet. 




So I was very happy to hear that there is a new Made in Canada high quality pet food on the market, Nutrience® Subzero™ that offers the nutritious perks of raw feeding but without the fuss.   Another thing to make me happy is knowing it is available at PetSmart® , with locations all across Canada.  




So how do they do it?  Nutrience® uses freeze dried technology specifically Nutriboost Freeze Dry Raw Inclusion.  What is Nutriboost?    It is fresh protein, infused with a unique blend of nutritionally beneficial ingredients.  It is then gently freeze-dried to lock in the natural goodness of raw foods. Sounds scientific (which is not my strength) but if it means better health and wellness for my dog, that's all I need to know. 




And there is variety!  Nutrience® Subzero comes in three different recipes, perfect for even the pickiest of eaters. Did I mention it is also grain-free?  In addition, the wild-caught fish, meat & poultry are all sourced in Canada and delivered fresh to their production facility.  (That impresses me!)  

Prairie Red – Fresh beef, wild boar, bison, wild-caught Pacific salmon, herring and cod. 

Canadian Pacific – Fresh wild-caught Pacific salmon, herring, hake, sole, cod and Arrowtooth flounder.

Fraser Valley – Fresh deboned chicken, turkey, wild-caught Pacific salmon, herring and cod.




Want to learn more about this exciting product?  Be sure to attend a National demo event on Saturday, Nov. 28 at your local PetSmart.   You can even try subzero during the month of November by bringing in a bag of competitor product and receive a bag of subzero for free!  (See chart above)   That's SubZero for Zero!   You got to like that. 


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 "I may be old but I have lots of living to do" - Oscar Taron