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A Gal & Her Beloved Dog - A Special Moment Captured

Gal and her beloved dog



Once in awhile I come across photos on Facebook that I absolutely fall in love with.  This one definitely made the cut.  This gem is from the No Borders Animal Rescue Society Facebook page.   I reached out to the person who posted it, Katie, who let me know the very happy dog in this photo is Charlie (formerly Sami).

I don't know the story behind Charlie, but judging by the joy that comes through in this image, the past is the past and Charlie and Katie are living a very happy life now.  


No borders animal rescue society


I hope to relocate to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico someday to teach English and continue with my pet blogging.   Thank goodness for organizations like NOBARS, who work very hard to give dogs a second chance at life.  


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