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Why Dogs Shouldn't Eat Nuts - Infographic

  Walnuts bad nuts


Whenever I run across an inforgraphic about pet safety that I like, I enjoy sharing it with my readers.  Many dog owners don't realize that nuts are a no-no in a dog's diet.    This is the time of year too, when people start to leave out bowls of nuts for Fall gatherings.  Easy for dogs to get into and sadly, into health trouble.  Sometimes resulting in death.    Good to be aware!   For the full article on the dangers of feeding nuts to dogs, click here


Source: Veterinary Pet Insurance  
Disclosure:  (As required by the FTC)  I am merely sharing this information.  I did not receive any compensation. 


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Wow, very helpful information. Surprised that vets don't offer this info more to owners.

Would love to re-post on our blog, with proper attribution of course :)


i thought nuts are an ingredient in dog food? am shocked to realize that they can't take nuts! i am definitely going to pay more attention in future.


you love dogs so much to collecting information harmful to the health of the dog like this and create a blog about them ! Thanks for sharing :D

Two French Bulldogs

This is very important since some people don't know this stuff
Lily & Edward

Lisa Taron (Pet Blog Lady)

Oscar likes them too. There are some good dog biscuit recipes out there using unsalted peanuts.

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