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H3 Essentials Hip & Joint Supplements for Dogs - Treats That Make A Difference!



Delicious Chewy Chicken Flavored Treats! 

Because that's what Dogs LOVE!


My Bichon Frise furkid, Oscar, will be turning 15 in April.   Over the last 6 months or so, I have noticed a decline in his mobility.   He's slower getting up onto his feet and he certainly takes his time to settle down in a comfortable position.  I know it's part of aging.  It's hard to watch.  

When the people at H3 Essentials offered to send me product that addresses this very problem, I was more than happy to try it on Oscar. 

For two months, I gave Oscar the recommended amount based on his weight.  Two treats in the morning and two in the evening. (For the first 2 weeks) Being such a fussy dog, I was relieved that he took to them right away.   He anticipated them which means they are inviting to eat. 




I am happy to say that after two months, he has shown a notable improvement in his mobility.  

He doesn't seem as sore as he was prior to being on the H3 Essentials regime.   The treats are packed with goodness, so I know that what I am feeding him is safe and beneficial. 

Their chews contain 8 Powerful Ingredients that support the health and happiness of my dog. 

GlucosamineGlucosamine supplements support and repair of joint cartilage.

ChondroitinAlso helps cartilage retain flexibility and strengthen the cartilage in their joints to prevent further damage.

MSM - MSM is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in your dog tissues. MSM supports the healing of damaged tissues and prevents inflammation during the healing process.

Vitamin C - One of the many benefits of Vitamin C is that it aids in the production of collagen. Collagen is important for the support of soft tissue around the joints.

Omega-3 & Omega-6 Fatty Acids - Omega 3 helps control your pet's inflammation and ease arthritis pain as well as offering many other health benefits.

Vitamin E - Vitamin E is key when supplementing with fatty acids to avoid a deficiency.

Yucca Schidigera - Yucca Schidigera is a Natural Herbal Anti Inflammatory and Anti Arthritic.


Another thing I like about this product is that it is Made In the USA.     That is something a company can be very proud of indeed.  


You can ORDER your Hip & Joint Chewy Chicken Flavored Treats here.  


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Check out their full website at www.H3Essentials.com  


Oscar and green feet

Thanks to H3 Essentials Hip & Joint Supplements, Oscar can get out and enjoy the grass with better ease.



Disclosure: (As required by the FTC)  This is a sponsored post by H3 Essentials.  I received free product and compensation for this post.  The opinions of the product are that of my own. 



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I'm a great believer in supplements for older dogs. My lovely old girl, who lived to a grand old age (well over 15) when she departed the world got stiffer and stiffer as she got older. It was hard to see and I wanted to help.

In a bid to ease her aging joints, we tried a popular Glucosamine based supplement (chew stick) which made a vast difference over the last few years of her life. It really did help her mobility and if one was missed (e.g. the stock ran short before purchasing a new batch of sticks), she did become stiffer again, almost instantly.

My present dog is only 5, but as soon as the silver years hit, I'll be looking out for a quality supplement for her too! :)

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