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Fall In Love With Leila - The Cross-eyed Cat




Recently I had an email from Jim Novak in regards to possibly adverting his product, Forget No More.  During our email conversations, he mentioned his cat, Leila, who is cross-eyed.   I just had to share his story about how she came to be in their lives.    Thank you Jim!


BdPaws_blue - Copy

About a year ago my daughter, Paige, wanted a cat. Although my wife is not a cat lover, I told her we would get one.  She spent 2 to 3 weeks researching different cats online through the local Humane Societies and went through hundreds of cat pictures. She found a cat named Leila that had a grey fur with bright blue eyes. Paige was adamantly hooked on Leila so we planned to get her that weekend.

This particular Humane Society was approximately an hour from the house and located inside of a mall.  As we walked in, there was a large room with probably 30 to 50 cats running around with at least a dozen kids playing with them. A lady walked up and asked if we needed help and I told her we had called about Leila.

  PicMonkey Collage leila

Out of the many cats running around she looked down and grabbed a cat saying this was Leila.  I was amazed out of that many cats Leila was so close and she could identify her so quickly.  Although Leila's fur didn’t look like the Leila in the picture I didn't pay much attention.   Rather I wanted to complete the paperwork and get home given is was our weekend.  My daughter played with Leila for a few minutes and determined Leila was a “keeper.” 

The paperwork was completed and carrying kennel purchased.  The lady put Leila into the kennel and congratulated us.  As we drove through the mall parking lot I looked back at the kennel.  Leila was staring through the front and I noticed large yellow crossed-eyes and immediately stopped the car.   “Paige that looks nothing like the Leila you showed me online!”

Paige pulled her out of the kennel and instead of being scared and hiding under the seat, Leila jumped up between us sitting on the console looking forward through the front windshield like she was ready to go home.   Paige was adamant about keeping her.  

As we neared the turnpike to go home I stopped at the last stoplight, looked at Paige and asked, “Is there anything about this cat you do not like?  When we get home Leila is there to stay.”

 The rest is history.  We have enjoyed many laughs not only from her appearance but her personality. 



Leila by sink