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Does Your Pet Have Bad Breath? Introducing Bluestem Oral Care… And a Giveaway!


Does your pet have bad breath? Bad breath can be an early indicator of periodontal disease – and up to 80% of dogs will get some form of periodontal disease in their first five years. Sore gums, redness, infections, and even death can be attributed to poor oral hygiene.

In fact, improved dental health is one of the main reasons behind the increasing longevity of both pets and humans. You’re probably thinking – ‘yeah, I brush my teeth twice a day, but there is NO WAY my dog is letting me near his mouth with a toothbrush!’ Brushing is the gold standard for good oral health, but we know that brushing your pets teeth can be challenging. 


Bluestem Freshens Breath oscar


Introducing Bluestem Oral Care. Bluestem was developed by Kane Biotech – a Winnipeg based Biotech Company that is focused on fighting biofilms. Biofilms are scarily everywhere – from the ‘slime’ on our teeth, to the sides of our showers, to the inside of pipes. They can grow on just about any surface, and are extremely resistant to antibiotics. Kane Biotech has developed a patented technology that disperses the biofilm, leaving the bacteria in its free form, where it can easily be destroyed. 


Bluestem coactiv_infograph


So – enough of the science – let’s hear how it works! Bluestem Water Additive is extremely easy to use. Simply add a capful or two to your pets water dish, and that’s it! The active ingredient in the patented technology will coat your pets teeth, breaking down plaque and reducing tartar. After 30 days of continued use, you can visibly see the difference. 



What about safety? How do I know if these ingredients are ok for my pet to consume? All of Bluestems ingredients are Health Canada Approved by something called the Low Risk Veterinary Health Products program (https://www.lrvhp.ca/). We take safety extremely seriously – and are proud to know that our products are very safe for your pets to consume.

How do I know if my pet will like it? We offer Bluestem in four different flavours.

Original – flavourless. This one is designed for the dog or cat who likes their water as it is.

Vanilla Mint – As is sounds… this one was developed with humans in mind. We all like that ‘minty-fresh’ smell in our own mouths, so we’ve added a very slight flavor to our water additive.

Chicken – woof, woof! This one’s a hit with most dogs who enjoy the taste of chicken. A subtle chicken flavour has been added to make it more appealing for dogs.

Salmon – meow! You guessed it, this one is for our feline friends. Cats are notorious for not drinking enough water, and the salmon flavor entices them to drink a little more. 


Bluestem 5


I have a few dogs, and I never know how much any of them are drinking. Do you have something I can apply directly to the teeth? Yes – we also offer a bluestem spray. The spray was specially designed with a no-startle nozzle, so that your pet won’t freak out when you spray the insides of his mouth. It’s 5x more concentrated than our water additive, and each bottle has about 300 sprays.

Where can I buy Bluestem? It’s available at a number of pet specialty stores across Canada – check out our website for the store closest to you. We are also offering two free bottles.  Enter below through the Rafflecopter - which will pick two winners at randon.  (Both open to USA and Canada Residents) 


a Rafflecopter giveaway


BdPaws_blue - Copy


Disclosure:  (As required by the FTC)  This post is sponsored by Kane Biotech.  I received compensation for this posting. 


On a side note:  I think a company such as Kane Biotech, that has permission to use a Seth Casteel photo confirms that they're extra cool.  Just saying. 


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My dog Whiskey has clean teeth, but breath could sometimes smell like food. Probably 8 in a scale of 10.


Our dog really needs this, their breath is always awful!


Oh man our dog really needs this stuff! His breath is rough!


I wish this was offered in the US. I have a dog that needs it.


Our boy Toby has puppy breath for sure! Would rate him at 5/10.

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