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The RoPri Pet Travel Mate Bowl - For Pets on the Go!


(Fun, bright colors of the RoPri Pet Travel Mate Bowls)


I know what you're thinking.  A bowl is a bowl is a bowl.   That's just not true.  Especially when it comes to safety, durability and portability. 

Oscar is a dog on the go.  Slow, mind you, but he gets out and about.  When we are travelling or heading to the dog park for the day, I like to take along food and water, regardless of how long we are gone.   And with that, I need a good container that is easy to use and that I know is safe for my little lovable fluffy mop. 

The nice peeps are RoPri sent me two bowls and for 30 days straight, I put it to the test.  Daily trips to the park (water is a must in our hot summer) and a couple of road trips later, I am very impressed with this product.   Besides being used as a container, it has been soaked in hot water, thrown in backpacks, fallen between the seats in the car and left outside in the hot sun. 


Ropri bowls

The company makes this claim, and after using it daily for four weeks and putting it to the durability test, I believe it.  

"This Bowl Will Not Break or Fall Apart Like Some Products on the Market"

Some of the features of the RoPri Pet Travel Mate Bowl:

• Food grade, FDA approved silicone 
• Fits anywhere - backpack, car glove compartment, clip on your dog's leash 
• Easy to clean - dishwasher safe  (Wish I had a dishwasher!) 
• A full 1 1/2 cups - ample size for all but the largest dog 



I like how the bowl can be popped down to two levels.  Oscar is somewhat of a small dog and deep bowls make for too much work for his short little snout.  With the RoPri bowl, it can accommodate both small and large dogs.   Or young and old, as puppies and kittens travel too!


On the way to PG ropri





Ropri7 final

You can order your own RopriPet Travel Mate Bowl through    They're very affordable and really are a must for your pet. 

We're off to the park for another adventure.  Packing our RopriPet Travel Mate Bowls, of course!


To the park

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