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Today launched the first ever 1,000,000 dogs club. The goal of the MillionDogsClub is to create a unique community of dog lovers and raise awareness around the growing epidemic of animal cruelty by donating to organizations that help dogs who suffer and die every year due to negligence and abuse.

The MillionDogsClub plans to donate to approximately thirty 501(c) (3) non-profit organizations across the country that focus on helping dogs in rescues and shelters.

Initial launch organizations include Rocket Dog Rescue, Hope for Paws, Search Dog Foundation, Canine Angel Rescuers, Fredo Animal Rescue, Barks of Love, Rikki’s Refuge, Young at Heart Senior Pet Adoption, The Greendog Rescue Project, Pilots N Paws and RainCoast Dog Rescue.




Members also have the option of specifying a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that they would like to donate to. If at least 100 other members specify the same organization then those funds will be dispersed to that organization. This social aspect of the MillionDogsClub gives our members the ability to raise the awareness of their desired organizations.

As a gift for being a MillionDogsClub member, members will receive two creative digital mosaic images of their dog made up of other MillionDogsClub members. One image will be an 8”x10” printable photo quality image and the second image will be an 11”x17” printable photo quality mini poster size image featuring the MillionDogsClub logo and your dog’s name.


“We are excited about the MillionDogsClub and the potential to reach so many dog lovers and be able to donate to the organizations that are doing so much to help dogs. We also pleased at the excitement we have received so far around this idea and the eagerness of organizations to work with the MillionDogsClub,” said Joe Yeager, partner and co-founder of MillionDogsClub.

The cost for the lifetime membership is only ten dollars with 50% of all proceeds going to donations. The MillionDogsClub website will remain up and active even after the one million member goal is reached. This way the MillionDogsClub members will be remembered for their contribution to the various organizations supported by the MillionDogsClub. 


About MillionDogsClub: Founded in September 2015 and headquartered in San Francisco, CA, MillionDogsClub is the creation of two partners with a love for dogs and the time they have spent to help dogs in need. You can follow the MillionDogsClub on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. 



(Toby, one of the newest members of the MillionDogsClub!)

 And my Oscar just joined!!!


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Two French Bulldogs

Sounds like one good place
Lily & Edward

De Hufford

Sounds like a great organization. Hope you'll keep us posted!

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