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September 2015

Do you and your dog want to be in a movie?

RESCUE DOGS the movie will bound into theaters in Spring 2016, and your pup could be on the big screen! Charger (Lead acting dog, Baron) Harper (Actor/Writer, Jordan Rawlins) RESCUE DOGS is a first-of-its-kind family feature film that actually stars real rescue dogs (and rescue cat and rescue hamster) as... Read more →

MILLIONDOGSCLUB Launches New Social Website That Offers A Creative and Meaningful Way to Donate to Dogs in Need.

Today launched the first ever 1,000,000 dogs club. The goal of the MillionDogsClub is to create a unique community of dog lovers and raise awareness around the growing epidemic of animal cruelty by donating to organizations that help dogs who suffer and die every year due to negligence and... Read more →

Beyond Companionship: Connecting with Animals’ Kindred Souls - Book Giveaway

Meet Amy Amy Miller, Intuitive Animal Communicator, Author and Speaker, brings a unique balance of enthusiasm and expertise to her work. Calling on her soul's passion and using her vast skills and talents, Amy has made a lifelong commitment to enriching the relationship between people and their animal companions. In... Read more →