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How To Be A Dog - Delightful Book for Dog Lovers


Maxwell Woofington’s Guide to Living with Humans and Getting the Upper Paw As told to Mark Leigh


How to be a dog


Written by a dog, and with helpful additions by other dogs, How to Be a Dog is essential reading not just for all canines but also for their owners and dog lovers alike, providing an insight into their pet’s sometimes curious behaviour. As you’d expect from a book written by a dog about humans, it’s irreverent, cynical and disrespectful. Dogs provide helpful observations and advice on specific issues: for example, how to retain any semblance of self-esteem while wearing the ‘Cone of Shame’ anti-scratch collar or how to really frustrate your owner when playing ‘fetch’. How to Be a Dog is the official rulebook of the doggie world – a hilarious guide for living with – or putting up with – humans, and always getting the upper hand (or paw).

A pedigree cocker spaniel, Maxwell Woofington sees himself less as Man’s Best Friend and more as his very cynical and irreverent acquaintance. Max wrote How to Be a Dog by drawing on his seven years of experience as a pet and the invaluable insights of his many canine pals. Practicing what he preaches, Max continues to be the alpha male of the Leigh family with whom he lives in Surrey, England. This is the first book he’s written (although he’s chewed many more).

This book is illustrated by the very talented Gillian Johnson. (I actually went to high school with her. How darn cool is that?!)   Gillian is the prize-winning author and illustrator of over thirty children's books, published world-wide and translated into ten languages. 




How to be a dog1



You can order a copy of How To Be A Dog on Amazon with world-wide delivery.

NOTE:  At present, the book seems to be available only through Amazon UK with delivery to the UK only. 




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Positive K9 Training

Love the illustrations!

Gillian Johnson

Thanks for posting, Lisa! I do hope that it will be available soon on Amazon CA and Amazon US. I love your blog and website.

Lisa Taron (Pet Blog Lady)

Thanks for letting me know Hana. I know the link I have seems to be Amazon in the UK. I will update the blog with other ordering options


Looks delightful.
But checked on, and they do not have it, at least in stock yet.

Thanks for the posting, petbloglady!

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