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Gold Paw Series Introduces New Stretch Fleece Prints

(Oscar, getting ready to step out and impress his buddies at the dog park) 
Just in time for Autumn!  Gold Paw Series, a premium dogwear company, has introduced three new prints into their popular line of Stretch Fleeces. Mulberry Plaid, Red Tartan Plaid and Wintergreen Plaid join over 12 different solid color options of this fleece, which provides a four-way stretch to guarantee a perfect fit along with ease of getting it off and on.
With a high-cut neckline and smaller armholes to prevent chafing, your pooch will stay comfortable and cozy. The Stretch Fleece is available in 15 different sizing options, including custom sizing to fit any breed - Great Danes included! And Gold Paw Series' products are Bluesign certified, use low-impact dyes, cirrus fleece from recycled polyester and the tags are even made from recycled materials.
Wintergreen Plaid 2 Mulberry Plaid 2
Red Tartan Plaid

It was very easy getting the pullover on and it fits nice and snug.  Super soft too!  Oscar has a lot of fur but when temperatures start to drop this time a year, this is perfect to keep him warm.  Even though he is a Bichon Frise, it brings out the Scottish in him. 
Thank you Gold Paws for the fleece!  It looks great on him and he's happy. (Hence the smile) 
Disclosure:  As required by the FTC.  I received a complimentary stretch fleece to review from Gold Paw Series. 


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Kimberly Gauthier

I love this fleece. I would totally get these for our dogs if they come in HUGE DOG sizes. It seems that everything that's cute on small dogs also runs small so even an XL is too small for my dogs. But I still hope.

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