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Connect With Your Pets Remotely to Feed, Play and Monitor Their Health

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According to a survey on State of Pet Travel in the U.S., 73 percent of pet owners who leave their pets behind on a trip feel guilty about it. But do animals get lonely? The answer depends on the type of pet you have and his or her social behavior. The Nest reports that parakeets are social creatures who crave the company of people and other birds. Many people adopt at least two birds at a time, so they can keep each other company.

There are other things you can do besides get your pet a companion or rush home at every break to spend one-on-one time with him or her. Take advantage of technology, apps and gadgets to connect with your pet whether you’re at work or across the globe.



Petcube offers a 138 degree view of your pet from a wide angle camera that is connected to your iOS or Android smartphone. Connect Petcube to your home Wi-Fi, so you can see and hear your pet while you're away. Use your smartphone to talk directly to your pet through Pet Cube's built-in microphone and speaker. Chat with your parrot or share your deepest secrets with your cat to bond even when you're not home.


Play with your pet remotely and reward him or her with treats with the interactive Pawly. Navigate Pawly through your home to play chase or hide-and-seek with your pets. Delight your cat by activating the Treat Blaster to safely shoot out a special snack. She’ll love watching the LED dome light up and the fun sound effects as she gets ready to pounce on her treat.

You can capture the magic of your playful pets in real time with Pawley's high-definition camera. Couple the effect with a smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S6. Its 5.1-inch display and 4G LTE data lets you stream your growing collection of pet videos.


Feed your pet remotely from the convenience of your smartphone with Pintofeed. Program Pintofeed to dispense food at specific times of the day or with a real-time command from your phone. Unlike other automatic feeders, Pintofeed also monitors your furry friends and sends you alerts via text, email and social media to let you know how much your pet actually ate and at what time.

Kitty Cams

Ever wonder what your cat does when she slips outside and goes on an adventure? Tag along with a cat video cam from Eyenimal. Strap the camera to your cat's back and watch her secret life unfold. You may be surprised at what you discover. Researchers at the University of Georgia found cats were actively hunting small reptiles, voles and mice. Other cats were living a double life and had another adopted family that fed and cuddled them until they were ready to return to their other home.


Monitor the health of your cat with PetPace. Download the app to your Android phone, iPhone or iPad to get real-time stats on your pet's health. Monitor your cat's body temperature, detect heat stroke or fever, and check to see if his or her pulse shows irregularities. Cats may be sleek and agile animals, but they are also prone to excessive sleeping and over-eating. Keep track of calories burned to curb off obesity, and share all your collected data with your vet.




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