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Charlie & Spike Launches The “Tell-Tail” Dog Harness Line


A pet industry first, the “Tell-Tail” line combines the functionality

of a dog harness with a unique feature allowing pet owners to

change their dog’s look with just one harness.



Sometimes all it takes is a little innovation to turn a great idea into a phenomenal idea. Such is surely the case when the founders of Charlie & Spike set out to transform the simple dog harness into a functional fashion pet accessory. After over two years of research and development, the “Tell-Tail” line was born. Having already received the accolades of the pet industry, dog owners are lining-up to add a little fashion to their best friend’s wardrobe. The concept is remarkably simple, yet highly innovative. This Patented product includes over thirty interchangeable patches, with more to come. Patch designs range from whimsical sayings to holiday themes in demand for the upcoming holiday season. There is even a reflective safety patch, and the company reports that they are soon to announce their partnering with various charitable organizations.



The “Tell-Tail” Harness is more than just a way to add some class to a dog’s wardrobe. Thoughtfully designed for comfort, style and a superior fit, it has created quite a buzz at all of the doggie hangouts. The well-dressed dog would not leave home without one.

It is created from lightly-padded, breathable mesh and nylon fabric, and made in such a way as to avoid cutting under the dog’s front legs. Easy to adjust the side straps for a perfect fit and squeeze buckles make for an easy on-and-off. This well designed dog harness also features careful placement of D-Rings for leash attachment that prevent tugging at the neck, and a space for pet I.D. Tags and/or decorative charms. The “Tell-Tail” dog harness is available in six sizes to accommodate a variety of shapes and breeds.




Charlie & Spike offers fun, fashionable and unique pet product designs. All materials are carefully selected and all products are strength-tested to ensure their quality. The company’s long term goals include adding corporate, collegiate and professional sports team logos, and expanding their “Because We Care” collection as a voice for organizations and causes. During a recent interview, Jamie Broder, Co-Founder, made these comments, “As the grateful owner of a rescue dog, I am so happy to offer our “I’ve Been Rescued” patch and hope that it will change the lives of shelter pets.” Customer testimonials have been pouring in and show how much they love their new “Tell-Tail” Harness. Take a look at what Julie from Connecticut had to say, “Thank you for creating a great fitting harness. I never thought that I would see my husband having so much fun choosing which design patch our pugs will wear!”




You can order your Tell-Tail harness through their website.    Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest 


Note:  Their Shop is still being set up as of today (Sept 2,2015)

but will be open soon!


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