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  Amy miller


Meet Amy

Amy Miller, Intuitive Animal Communicator, Author and Speaker, brings a unique balance of enthusiasm and expertise to her work. Calling on her soul's passion and using her vast skills and talents, Amy has made a lifelong commitment to enriching the relationship between people and their animal companions.
In her more than eight years as a professional Intuitive Animal Communicator, Amy has become known for her unique facilitation of connection, communication and co-creation. Her proven collaborative method is widely sought after by equine competitors and anyone seeking to invite their animal companion to jointly create their shared experiences. An ambassador for conscious companionship her one-of-a-kind communication sessions empower clients with knowledge and tools to continue connecting with their animals in a deep and meaningful way, long after their sessions with her have ended.
A Wisconsin native, Amy has a degree in social work from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, and she enjoys traveling throughout the United States with her German Shepherd, Griffin.

Amy miller book


Amy’s first book explores the powerful connection conceived the moment you acknowledge the soul within your animal companions.  This sharing of truths Amy has uncovered through her work as an Intuitive Animal Communicator is an exploration for readers to:

 More deeply understand the connection you share with your animal companions

 Enrich the time you share with your animal friends

 Experience through meditation your unique soul connection with an animal's kindred soul

 Connect with an animal companion after he or she has crossed over—the bonds of love are eternal

The narratives and connection points within these pages will open your mind, touch your soul, and forever change your relationship with the animals in your life.

Chapter Outline

Chapter 1 Waking Up; My First Soul Connection       Chapter 2 Kindred Soul Connections

Chapter 3 Defining Soul Connections                      Chapter 4 Enriching The Time You Share

Chapter 5 Kindred Souls; The Physical Expression    Chapter 6 Kindred Souls in Transition

Chapter 7 Kindred Souls Incarnate           Chapter 8 Supporting Kindred Souls Through Transition

Chapter 9 Connecting Beyond Transition         Chapter 10 Expanding Your Soul Connection

  Amy and sanctuaryAmy donated 10% of the proceeds from the first book signing to Heartland Farm Sanctuary   

Here she is with Francis, a sheep in residence. 


Where does your passion for facilitating connection and communication between people and animals come from?
I believe that conscious companionship with animals is essential to raising the vibrational energy of individuals, communities and the world, greatly impacting our collective consciousness.

What is conscious companionship?
Conscious companionship just showed up on the page one day while I was working on my next book. I remember the very sentence: I believe as a society we are moving away from traditional pet ownership and towards conscious companionship. I immediately got goosebumps when I read the words conscious companionship. It is so in alignment with my work and my purpose that I decided it had to be the name of my blog. Conscious companionship is about choosing to look beyond the physical expression of your animal companion, connect to the soul within him or her, and interact in a way that honors that soul.

How do you communicate with the animals?
Intuitive animal communication is about a sharing of energies. When I connect with an animal, I am not connecting with the animal’s physical self; rather, I am connecting with the soul-self that resides within. This is how I am able to effectively send and receive messages from animals, even when we are in different physical locations. When I am doing an intuitive communication session with an animal, it is as if a block of information is downloaded into my mind, and what I need to know about an animal and his/her experience is there. If I ever need more insight, I use telepathy—a communication between my mind and the animal’s mind by means other than sensory perception to receive information.

Where did you get the idea for your first book Beyond Companionship: Connecting with the Kindred Souls of Animal Companions?
Working with animal companions who have crossed over is a large part of my work as an intuitive animal communicator. I initially began writing Beyond Companionship to help anyone who has ever dealt with or is dealing with the loss of a beloved animal companion to think about the experience of releasing the physical body and transitioning from the viewpoint of the soul’s journey. However, as the book began to take shape, it became about something much greater: cultivating a soul connection with your animal companion that extends beyond this time and space.

What projects are you currently working on?
I recently launched a weekly delivery of an uplifting e-mail message to my newsletter subscribers, based on sentiments of love and inspiration from the animals with whom we share our lives. I am overwhelmed by the positive response I continue to receive from people about these messages signed From, Your Companion.


Amy and her dog for post


Beyond Companionship: Connecting with Animals’ Kindred Souls is available for order where books are sold including Barns & Noble and Amazon
Hardcover: $28.95
Softcover: $11.99
Ebook $4.99
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