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Andrew Dale sent me this video he created and I just had to share!  I especially love the CLUB LITTERBOX.   Enjoy! 
I asked Andrew to tell us more about himself and the star cat in the video.
"I live in Tulsa, OK with my wife Sallie, our maltese Lola, 6 backyard chickens, and of course our cat Fitz (my personal favorite). My wife was never a cat person, hated them in fact, but for my birthday right after we got married 3 years ago she surprised me by offering to get a cat! We scoured the adoption places around town all day and ended up getting the first cat that we saw when we started out looking - a lazy little gray fuzzball asleep in his litterbox. We named him Fitzgerald Danger Dale (because danger is his middle name) and he fit right in with us. I grew up with cats, we had about 10 over the course of my childhood, but Fitz is definitely my favorite. He’s super laid-back, loves to cuddle, and is incredibly friendly with new people. He’s even turned my wife from the dark side into a semi-cat person! (though she’d never admit it herself)
Fitz has some big dreams - and even if they include destroying the world - he’d love to see his video hit it big! I guess I wouldn’t mind it, either."
BdPaws_blue - Copy


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That video was so funny :-)

Oliver the tat

Search Oliver the tat on YouTube for more funny videos!

Lisa Taron (Pet Blog Lady)

One of my all time favorites!

Caren Gittleman

that video is absolutely HILARIOUS!!

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