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The SpotVortex - Cleaning Invention is Perfect for Pet Owners




I don't usually do product announcements other than pet toys and such, but the nice folks at Kent Investment Corp sent me a SpotVortex and by golly, the thing worked!  I'd definitely recommend this product for those who have pets and are wanting stains and odors out of their carpets.  Who wouldn't?!


Kent Investment Corp Introduces the SpotVortex


The people at Kent Investment Corp love our pets and carpets as much as you do. We know that keeping a clean, pleasant smelling home with pets, can be a challenge. The engineers of Kent Investment Corp have made that process much easier and more effective. They put all they have learned in the last 40 years in the carpet cleaning industry to work and have developed a revolutionary product. Introducing the SpotVortex, a multi-layer extraction accessory, designed to remove tough spots and odors thoroughly and simply. The SpotVortex works with your wet-dry vacuum or carpet cleaning machine. The SpotVortex gives you the power to remove spots and odors caused by food, liquid, soil, and even pets. It concentrates your machines suction, therefore enhancing its soil and liquid removal abilities. The SpotVortex thoroughly cleans the carpet’s surface, backing, pad, and helps prevent spots from reappearing. The advanced formula, Spot cleaning solution, has received the Seal of Approval from The Carpet and Rug Institute. Joe Yarbrough, CRI president stated, “The Seal of Approval program recognizes superior cleaning products and sets a high bar for manufacturers so only the best pass our tests.”



The SpotVortex is so simple to use and amazingly effective. It is a must have for pet owners.


Spot-Bright-40 (2)


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When vacuuming, go with the pile grain. This helps remove surface soils. Go against the grain to remove deeper, embedded particles


I want one! I seriously might have to order one of those. I have an older cat who isn't that reliable about using the box anymore. Thanks for the post.

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