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Get Your Cat Ears On! June is Cat Awareness Month


June is Cat Awareness month and animal lovers around the province of British Columbia are donning their cat ears in support of their feline friends.

Animal lovers are encouraged to order their cat ears from the BC SPCA online store at or pick up a pair (by donation) from their local SPCA branch now and then wear them, take pictures of them and share them on social media the week of June 3rd. The initiative is designed to raise awareness about the province's cat overpopulation problem, an issue the BC SCPA is determined to overcome. 

There are still too many cats and not enough homes for all of them.  If they are abandoned or left outside to roam, they will reproduce.  But over three-quarters of all kittens born outside will die before their first birthday, says BC SPCA General Manager of Community Relations, Lorie Chortyk.  It's not a safe place for them out there, with frostbite, mites, traffic and predatory wildlife to contend with. Pet guardians must realize that they can actually save lives by having their cat spayed or neutered.

Wearing the BC SPCA-issue cat ears is a fun and light-hearted way to draw attention to this issue.  Check out this week's kind act at to find out more.


Cat collage



Million Acts of Kindness is a year-long initiative devoted to promoting acts of kindness and compassion towards companion animals, farm animals and wildlife. A different act is featured each week, something everyone can do, regardless of age or their ability own pets. The acts are tallied and updated monthly and include acts of kindness for abused, injured, neglected and homeless animals carried out by the BC SPCA.

Sign up now at and share the link with your family and friends.  If one kind act can change the life of an animal forever, imagine what a million acts will do!

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For more information: Lorie Chortyk, General Manager, Community Relations, BC SPCA, 604-830-7179604-830-7179 (cell) or 604-647-1316604-647-1316 (office).