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Where The Gentle Creatures Go - Mandy's Song



Today Scott Marshall contacted me about getting the word out about a song he wrote, "Where The Gentle Creatures Go".   He was inspired to write it after losing his beloved four-legged companion Mandy, who was a rescue dog. 

"We rescued Mandy 10 years ago from an organization in our area called "Paws And Prayers".  She was our little angel . She lost her sight a number of years ago , but still had a spirit and independence that was remarkable. Last fall she was diagnosed with dementia and after watching her quality of life deteriorate, we made the painful decision."  

This is one of THE sweetest songs I have ever heard, especially as it relates to the loss of a pet.  It is sung by a young lady who did such a beautiful job.  


The song is available for download on   I know I will be listening to it a lot, especially when thinking about the pets I have lost and my aging dog Oscar, who gets closer to that gentle place every day. 

Thank you Scott for writing such a beautiful piece.  It will be a comfort to many, I am certain. 


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