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Punk Your Pet on a T-shirt or Tote - You'll Love the Colors!



I'm not sure how I discovered Punk Your Pet.  I'm thinking I saw them on Twitter, as I am always cruising around for cool things to share with my readers.  When I saw what they can do with your pet's photo, I was so impressed. 

They generously offered to create something from my favorite Oscar photo and I couldn't resist.  I chose a tote bag, as I have enough t-shirts to open up a t-shirt store.  Mind you, one can never have too many t-shirts, I say.


Punk your pet


  Photo of oscar for punk your pet

From this....


 To this!!!  Love it!!


The quality of the tote is wonderful and being that it's handmade, it makes it extra special.   They print on t-shirts for both adults and children in various styles.

They are based in the UK and offer FREE shipping worldwide, which is a rare exception for companies. When looking at the cost in converting from British pounds to the Canadian dollar, it's well worth it.

When checking out their Gallery, you can see how they are able to capture the personality of pets.  






Check out their website at www.PunkYourPet.com.  

You can also find them on 

Twitter: www.Twitter.com/PunkYourPet

Facebook:  www.Facebook.com/PunkYourPet


Pinterest: /PunkYourPet


I also really like that they donate 10% of profits to Farplace Animal Rescue in the UK.  They are a no kill animal sanctuary and as many of you know, such projects are always in need of funds. 



Thank you Punk Your Pet!  I love showing off my Oscar tote bag. 




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Wow, this is too cool! I can't believe how accurate and detailed they are.


Fun stuff!

Grooming Buckeye

I am so getting these for each of my dogs... thank you for always finding the cute stuff.

A1 Car Parts

This is so cool! Great for gift ideas :)

Jordan Walker

Such a great idea, especially if you are going to give this as a gift. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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