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Lucky Dog® Treats by Lucky Pet Brands - GIVEAWAY!


Lucky Dog Treats - with oscar

When Mike and the gang at Lucky Pet Brands contacted me about getting the word out about their treats, I was more than happy to help.  They were so professional and polite PLUS they had an awesome line of doggie snacks, their Lucky Dog® Treats.   And Oscar being the King of Snacks, he insisted.  He is my assistant here at the Pet Blog Lady Blog office so really, I have the final say.   But those 14 year old puppy know what I mean. 

Another VERY cool thing is that Lucky Brand Pets is giving away 2 prizes to two lucky readers. Luck all around, I say.  The giveaway includes all five flavors of Lucky Dog® Treats


Flavors lucky



I really like that they offer low fat treat options, as for Oscar, he has been carrying a little extra jelly in his belly.  I don't mention that fact to him though, since he's very sensitive. (Being a Bichon Frise and all)


Lucky 4 dogs love treats

Lucky Dog Treats -Pumpkin and Sweet Potato (2)


Lucky Pet Brands works with an FDA and SQF Level 3 approved bakery with over 15 years of experience in Northern Illinois to produce and formulate whole food, all-natural pet snacks for dogs, cats, birds and small animals. Every treat contains the highest quality ingredients 100% sourced and produced in the USA. The company’s goal is to produce whole food pet snacks that have the perfect balance of taste and nutrition for pets of all sizes. Each formula is created without adding additional sugar, salt, preservatives, by products or gluten.


To learn more about Lucky Pet Brands visit their website at 

Follow them on Twitter: @LuckyPetBrands

Like them on Facebook: /LuckyPetBrands 

Check them out on Pinterest: /LuckyPetBrands


ENTER TO WIN!  (USA Residents Only)  


a Rafflecopter giveaway




Disclosure (as required by the FTC)  I received complimentary dog treats from Lucky Pet Brands 


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We just call them treats - it's a magic word in our house!

Shelley P

I call them goodies or treats :)

Ali  Celestino

We call them treats.

wen budro

I just call them treats.


I must be a warning to you all blog posting readers.- Many of these and those dog pet treat foods can be able to produce in your pet or dog a gas issues. And I mean to say it may smell much.

Lucky Pet Brand is good though. These ones not produce the gas in your pet or dogs.

My woman friend Smupa one times gave to her poodle a bad brand and her poodle had bad smell gas for 5.5 days. Smoopa then not in mood to do anything, even fun with me times.

Careful to you all blog postings readers.

Pratha V

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