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Yahoo! Spring is Here! Doggie Bed Giveaway from PetSmart!



I LOVE Spring!  It's a time for new beginnings.  New life.   Color, activity and warm sunshine. The robins are in full nest-making mode right now, getting ready for their little robin babies to make their world debut. 

PetSmart has a wonderful collection of new items especially for the Spring.  You got to love Marth and her creativity.  (Ya - we're on first name basis.  I usually like to say "Yo Marth - what's up?" but she never hears me.  Probably because she has no idea who I am.  And if she did I wouldn't say that.  As it's not proper English and Martha is all about proper.  AND about creating some very cool products for your pets) 

Check out the wide selection at  Items are now available in-store and on-line.  





Martha stewart spring line


And how would you like to win this adorable doggie bed?!  I'm thinking maybe YA!  (Oops....I mean YES).   The contest is open to both USA and CANADA readers.  Good luck and wishing you all a very Happy Spring.  You too, Marth... Gurrrrrllllfriend. 


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BdPaws_blue - Copy


Disclosure:  I received free product from PetSmart which I donated to a local rescue group for their fundraising auction. 


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So cute! I sell Dog &Cat clothes too.
Here is my website...
So Fun! :)


I have a blog which I am telling my daily life. My name is Mocha and I am a golden retriever. Please take a place for me in your blog.

Jordan Walker

Spring if finally just around the corner and these items are best for this spring especially the adorable doggie bed.

Judy Cowan

So cute!

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