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Goodbye Stinky Car - Thanks to Purggo Car Air Eco-Purifier


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When the peeps at Purggo contacted me for a possible review of their product, I have to say I was quite skeptical.  They have invented an eco-friendly air purifier for the car and they assured me that it would work for my vehicle - which is probably one of THE stinkiest doggie mobiles on the planet.  I have tried just about everything from sprays to hanging air fresheners. They lasted for a little while but before I knew it, it was Stinkville in the Pet Blog Lady Mobile once again.   And I was constantly apologizing to my friends who had the unfortunate experience of being a car passenger. 



PicMonkey Collage park

Daily trips to the dog park with Mom


Oscar may be a little dog but he sure can make my car smell musty.   I swear there is a bizarre chemical reaction when dog fur and dog paws meet water, grass and mud.  Dog owners know exactly what I am talking about.   

When I received my Purggo I simply hung it on my driver seat. Within only a couple of days, my car not only did not smell stinky anymore, it actually smelled pretty darn nice!    I really like how the product will last up to a year and it's naturally based.   From their website it states: Purggo is a German engineered, patent-pending, and beautifully designed car air eco-purifier. It's made with 100% all natural bamboo charcoal.  (And I do think it's stylish) 

To be honest, this product review doesn't need many words.  It just plain works.  Trust me.  My car totally stunk.  I put it in my car.  Two days later it didn't stink anymore.  Easy peasy.   Here's a little video to best explain the Purggo. 



So if your car stinks, get one.   Seriously.

You can order one through their website (Only $29.99!) and remember...it lasts for a whole year. Heck - I'd pay that if it lasted a month, given the change in my car now.  No more chemical-filled sprays and apologies to my passengers. 

Follow them on Twitter @purggo  and on Facebook.     For more information, check out their website www.Purggo.com

How would you like to win one? You can!  Just enter below.  The giveaway is open to USA residents only due to shipping.   I'm excited for whoever wins this prize.  You'll be so impressed! 


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Disclosure:  I was given a Purggo which my nose is forever grateful for.  Purggo also supplied one for a lucky reader. 


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I am a dog walker so my car ALWAYS smells like dog. This product would really come in handy!

lisa R

I would be thrilled to give the Purggo a home in my car. Our three dogs love to go to the park, the store, the country and wherever else we will take them. It never fails that they get muddy, roll in whatever stinks the best and then breathe their doggy breath all over the car. It would be wonderful if my car could get rid of the doggy smell!


My car needs this asap, three smelly dogs even with putting down a sheet/blanket to keep them from leaving hair every where possible.

wen budro

Lord- does it ever!!! We go to the beach twice a day and she collects the strangest....sometimes most horrific....smells. I need this badly!!!

Jason Cox

Thanks for the introduction to this product. I need to give it a try. My parents always complain about my car smelling like a dog. This should help out.

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