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Jones Natural Chews - A Wise Choice for Your Dog ~ Giveaway!




Oscar cannot get enough of these.  Seriously.  He has a Jones Natural Chews problem now.  I have to hide them in the cupboard so he doesn't obsess about them. Why do I like giving them to him?  No chemicals, additives, fillers, mystery ingredients....  Just plain good healthy nommies for my fur-kid.   

I love the fact that Jones Natural Chews are:

  • made from USA raw products
  • perfect for training treats
  • can help promote healthy skin and coats  (Oscar likes that for the laaaaadies)
  • satisfies a dog's need to chew


Oscar and jones


I encourage dog moms and dads to visit their site to see the wide selection of treats.  And you will really like their jingle.  It sticks with you. 

  Jones logo

Enter to win a bag of Lamb Lung Puffs for your dog! 

(Open to USA residents) 



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Best Toys For Girls In Australia

Great Post! Very useful blogs.

Chris Loverseed

Good luck to those that have entered!

Valeria Flores

I liked the information is very interesting and complete, I did not know some foods that could be dangerous to my dog, thanks !!

Taryn Tipton

My guys love those most of all! I call them Lamb Cheetos!


We love Jones chews. We do. And the Lamb Lung Puffs are the BEST!

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