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Animal Lovers - You're All Invited To A Watermelon Party!




Who likes watermelon?  Who likes a party?  Put those two together and mix in a love for animals and you have the sweetest book on the market right now, Watermelon Party.  Written by Jasmine June Cabanaw and delightfully illustrated by John Moriarty, this is such a treasured book to have in your collection. 



Watermelon Party ties in themes of friendship, sharing, and animal rescue. When a watermelon is set out at Rocky Ridge Refuge, the animals come one by one to join in on the delicious fun. By the end of the book, the animals are joined together, head-to-head, in a circle around the watermelon. The interspecies friendships are a metaphor for overlooking differences, no matter how strange or unique someone else may look. It is a celebration of diversity.

There is also a bonus game of “Duck, duck, goose!” A little duckling rides in on the first animal. In each illustration, the duckling is sitting on a different animal, until the very end, when the duck lands on a surprised goose.

The writing style is light and fun. The repetitive rhyming scheme will help children with their reading skills and learning action words.

The story is based on this series of photographs from a real event that occurred at Rocky Ridge Refuge.







Portion of book sales goes to the Rocky Ridge Refuge - to help them in their on-going effort to make a difference to so many animals. 






Green bamboo

About Green Bamboo Publishing - Green Bamboo publishes quality children’s books and short stories based on real animals and animal sanctuaries. Jasmine June Cabanaw founded Green Bamboo as a way to donate proceeds from her books to animal charities. She also wanted to provide education to children about caring for animals in a way that children could understand. The stories Green Bamboo publishes are light and fun, but touch on the important subjects of friendship, sharing, overcoming difficulties, and loving one another despite our differences.

Her goal is to eventually turn the company into a non-profit and raise funds for animal charities worldwide.   (How cool is that?!) 

To stay up-to-date with their projects and goals, please join their community by visiting them on Facebook. 

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