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The Heeling Project - Honouring the grief of those experiencing the loss of a pet.


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Dog and Equine photographer Sarah Daloise, owner and operator of SarahAnn Dog Photography, is seeking contributors to share their stories related to pet loss and the grieving process.

SarahAnn Dog Photography, Heeling Project 2 (2)The Heeling Project was first launched online in 2014, as a way for Sarah’s photography clients to share their own story through the writing process. Shortly after, the project became open to anyone going through pet loss who wished to participate. A former Registered Nurse, and advocate of health and healing, Sarah has taken her passions and knowledge to create a project that encourages people to process their grief, while at the same time create a community for them to be sincerely acknowledged for their loss. 


“I am passionate about acknowledging the grief we experience from pet loss and I know how significant it is for people in their healing process. I am inspired by my own experiences with grief after losing my soul dog Kirby and my desire to help others heal. It is from that place that I have created this project, which is just simply writing a heartfelt letter to your dog who has already passed. There is a level of healing that comes from writing and sharing our experiences. This is a project to create both that space of acknowledgment and healing – for both those writing and reading these letters.” ~ S. Daloise

SarahAnn Dog Photography, Heeling Project 1 (2)Select submissions have been posted for viewing at SarahAnn Dog Photography Blog  (Categories Tab; Heeling Project). To apply to be a part of this project, and intended publication, please review the submission guidelines by visiting SarahAnn Dog Photography Blog.


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About SarahAnn Dog Photography

In addition to the Heeling Project and specializing in dog and equine photography, Ms. Daloise has created Heeling Cards™, a line of pet focused greeting cards catering to both wholesale and retail purchasing.

Through Heeling Cards and the annual production of the Calgary Dog Life Off-leash Park Guide, to date SarahAnn Dog Photography has donated over $15,000 to local animal rescue.


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For more information please contact:

Sarah Daloise

SarahAnn Dog Photography

(403) 701-4760

SARAHANN DOG PHOTOGRAPHY -  Beautiful creatures deserve beautiful photos.

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Gine Oquendo

Thank you for sharing. I've lost my beloved Tyra and it is very painful to me and it's been 2 months she's been gone. I don't know where and how to start again, I tried to join already some groups and reading this kind of blogs but the pain is still here and her memories are still fresh. Thank you to my friends who understand me and to
pet loss houston for giving a great service to my Tyra.

Jordan Walker

I agree that this is an awesome idea. Losing a pet who's already part of your family is very hard. This a way to express our emotions. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Chris Loverseed

This is an awesome idea and great way to treasure those family members that are no longer with us

Jodie Hebbard

This is an incredible idea and such a unique way to help us grieve the loss of our fur babies. There is so much power in writing too and I remember after losing my baby Billie, writing was one of the best ways for me to express my emotions. Thank you for sharing this and allowing others to participate in this project.

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