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Pug Story Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Benefit Children



On January 27th, 2015, Pug Story Children’s Line launched a Kickstarter campaign that will benefit children across the globe! Pug Story performs book readings at special places such as: children’s hospitals, schools, libraries, literacy festivals and canine rescue events.  We pride ourselves on making kids smile and we firmly believe in giving back.  Pug Story designates a non-profit to spotlight on our website, and then we donate 15% of our monthly sales to them. Now, we are asking for YOUR help. 


Sample Pug plush toy 2 (2)


How can you help?  By supporting this campaign, we will be able to purchase “Chloey the Pug Plush Toys,” to compliment the main character in the book. With your support we will be able to buy in bulk, so that every child who attends a reading or event gets their very own plush toy to love and take home.  We are offering some very unique and fun rewards, so check it out and we appreciate any and all contributions! 


CLICK HERE to view the Campaign


Croppedcover2 (2)

Jaci reading at lit fest (2)

 Jaclyn reading at a Literary Festival


KIDS RULE reading1 (2)

Mil Pug Fest family (2)

 At the Milwaukee Pug Fest 


Peck Elementary1 (2)

 Chloey's Big Move is a hit at Peck Elementary


Sample Pug plush toy 2 (2)




 There are only 10 days left in this very worthwhile campaign.  

Don't miss out! 




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Gordon Roberts

I really enjoyed reading this article! I have just launched a book on Pug care , here is the link

Two French Bulldogs

Lily & Edward

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