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DOGS don't care, Dogs POO Everywhere - Perfect Book for Dog Lovers

Even a book about dog poo is bound to delight dog lovers of all kinds.  It's a must for my library, I tell ya!  

Dog poo cover high resWritten and Illustrated by Lynn Chang


This hilarious book can be enjoyed for kids of all ages & is about the dogs we love and their poo! See your favorite pets, Beagles, Pugs, Pitbulls, Greyhounds and more, doing what they do best. Full of zany, bright illustrations with an uproarious rhyme, this book is guaranteed to make you a percentage from each book sold will be donated to America's favorite pet rescues saving homeless dogs in need. 




(The book.....not dog poo) 


Dog poo fan




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Thank you, great article about dog’s training. I found more about obedience training specifically here:

Pet Resource

Great book! I'm sure you'll have a lot of success with it. Good luck. Thanks for sharing from

Cindy Austin

LOL what great video and book! You can't argue that it's not true either! I have been reading Animal Lover by Ann Marie Hoff,, and she has given me such good insight into the mentality of animals, not just dogs, but animals. It'e opened my eyes to how much more our pets can be, a good read!

Jordan Walker

Nice video. I will share this video with my friends who are also dog owners. I'm sure they will like this book.


Nice Video.

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