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Disclosure:  (As required by the FTC)  One Dog Organic Bakery is a participant in the Posts for Pets fundraising project with the sponsored fee going directly to the SPCA in Puerto Vallarta. It's an opportunity for businesses to showcase their product(s) while helping to feed the many cats and dogs at the Puerto Vallarta Animal Sanctuary. 




Guest contributor: Veronica Glynn (Founder/Owner)


We realize that you have many choices nowadays when it comes to your pet's food. Our goal is to build a relationship with you and your pet. Getting to know their needs and wants and customizing your order to best fit your dog. We are a small family run organic dog treat company passionate about animal safety and health and doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint. Back in 2007 we lost our cat to kidney failure caused by a nationwide pet food recall. We have been extra diligent and cautious about what we feed our animals since this experience.


Today, food recalls seem to be the norm rather than the exception and it is difficult as a pet parent to find a safe, reliable food source. Unable to trust what was on our store shelves, we knew we made to make a difference, to offer our fellow pet owners a better option. Our goal is to share our safe, healthy food with all pet parents and give them peace of mind when providing a snack to their pet. We believe that treats can be both nutritious and yummy and you shouldn't have to sacrifice one to get the other. We work closely with several pet nutritionists to ensure our treats are good for the animal but always remind our pet parents, just because they want to eat the entire bag at once doesn't mean they should. We are not a substitute for the main food source but rather an extra source of nutrition. We like to compare our treats to us eating an apple or banana as a snack rather than a bag of potato chips.



All of our ingredients and vendors are certified organic, GMO-free and sourced within the United States. We do not use product that has been imported thereby cutting down on the risk for a food recall. We are currently in the process of getting our products certified organic and GMO-free and hope to have this process completed by next Spring. This is a very important distinction for our product to have and we are currently raising money to offset the cost of the certification process.



Even in the seemingly short time I have been doing this, it is quite obvious that dogs, just like people, have their own tastes and personalities. We are here to help those tastes and personalities shine through.

I wish I could travel the world, or even our city and rescue puppies. I see so many rescued pups that need furever homes or even foster homes but sadly, our little abode is pretty full as it is. So I try to do my part and give them all the love that I can when I see them plus spoil them with free treats! I get to spend my weekends are our local dog park giving belly rubs and getting wet kisses. That is what makes this worth it. Seeing those dogs so happy for just a taste of my treats, to see them pull their owners to my table, to remember me every week and come over for a hug and kiss. Yup. I have the best job in the world! 

Like I always say, I measure the success of my day and my company by tail wags. Making dogs happy is truly a gift, not a job and I hope to be sharing my love for all things dog for a very long time.

  Veronica & milo

 Veronica & Milo (I love his snout!) 




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