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I haven't posted on my blog for a few days now, as I get ready to move into my new "nest", not too far from where I am living now.   I'll be going from being a home owner to a renter, which is something I haven't done in a very long time.  But with renting comes the freedom to move around if the opportunity presents itself.   No mortgage.   Works for me. 

In about a month I'll be heading to Puerto Vallarta to visit one of my favorite places on earth, the Sanctuary of the SPCA of PV.  So thrilled to be going back there, having first discovered it back in January when I was vacationing in the area.   I'll be returning to Canada with 5 rescued dogs, all going to loving homes in Edmonton. (I live in the Okanagan Valley)  I am thrilled to be able to do this.  Fills my heart right to the brim. 

I am a Bucket List kind-of person and one of my all time items is to spend extended time in Puerto Vallarta, studying the most beautiful language in the world... Spanish.  How fun it would be to blog about my stay there and about the wonderful work going on at the Sanctuary.   This gal is going to work very, very hard to see that it happens.   Operation "Blog, Learn, Fish" has officially commenced. 

But for now I am packing and giving stuff away.  LOTS away. I estimate I have given the local Mission over 22 garbage bags of my belongings.  Going from a 5 bedroom house to a small two bedroom carriage house means less stuff. It feels good to give. And that also works for me. (I am starting to smell like Cardboard No. 9 with a subtle hint of packing tape glue)  




So please stay tuned for updates on my new place and the exciting changes that are coming on The Pet Blog Lady blog.  And for sure follow me when I head to Puerto Vallarta in October to visit the Sanctuary and take part in releasing sea turtles somewhere along the shore.  (Bucket List for me) 




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Oh, so lovely! I am about to move soon and I am very excited too! Greets!

Jordan Walker

Good luck on your latest adventure, Lisa. Can't wait for your updates on your new place as well as your part in releasing sea turtles. I'm so excited for the changes on your blog as well.

Janet Fazio

Congratulations as you embark on your latest adventure. Clearing out the clutter is certainly freeing. And as a doggy foster mom, I concur that there is nothing that makes my heart sing more than delivering a dog to his new forever home.

Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady

Good luck with your new plaCE!
ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

M. K. Clinton

Congratulations! It's a great time to make changes. ☺ This sounds so exciting.

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