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Think you know dog toys? Think again! Introducing The Schnuzzle



The world’s first interactive dog toy that holds an innovative, changeable scent reward has hit the market. And the bonus is it will make dogs fit, not fat. 


Your best friend has a sense of smell that is 100,000 times as sensitive as humans. For dogs all over the world, the sense of smell far outweighs taste.




Adelaide / South Australian / Australian dog lover and entrepreneur Justin Daley created the SchnuzzleTM when his 14-year-old labrador Oscar was ill and on a restricted diet. No food treats were allowed. When Daley realized that scent was the key to entertaining his pet, he set to work.


Daley and his team from My Clever Dog spent 12 months prototyping and testing the world first SchnuzzleTM, the super strong, connectable and colourful toy system. To really take this chew toy to the next level, Scent DiscTM was created. The unique Scent DiscTM surface is layered with combinations of micro encapsulated food aromas and essential oils your pet will find irresistible. Discs including B.B.Q. Beef, Roast Chicken and Honey Bacon will captivate your dog from the first sniff, but are hardly noticeable to humans.




Scent DiscTM is cleverly activated once inside SchnuzzleTM, so there is no mess or smell on your hands, carpet or furnishings. Scent DiscTM continues to release fresh bursts of scent as the toy is played with. A distinct advantage of Scent DiscTM over any food treat is that it contains no calories, making it suitable for puppies, and ideal for overweight and older dogs.



SchnuzzleTM is built super tough and all parts are replaceable and recyclable, allowing you to swap a worn part rather than throwing away the entire toy. Better for the wallet and the planet.



 Scent DiscTM - So clever!



Lots of great smells!


South Australian veterinarian Bruce Wells says the SchnuzzleTM ticks all of the boxes for pet owners.

Schnuzzle is a revolutionary concept, which as a veterinarian, will help my four legged friends overcome both anxieties and obesity,” Dr Wells says.


All SchnuzzleTM and Scent DiscTM materials are premium quality, 100% Pet Safe and proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. and Australia by My Clever Dog, worldwide patents pending.


My clever dog


Check out SchnuzzleTM and Scent DiscTM here at www.schnuzzle.com 

Pre-order now at www.kickstarter.com



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wow really interesting toy.

Lisa Williams

This is great alternative in keeping our pets busy. Such an amazing idea!

Jordan Walker

Great new toys!
I love the idea of its unique scent that includes B.B.Q and Roast Chicken which Max loves so much. And it stops releasing scent when it's not being played with. It really is a clever toy.

Jose A. Yates

Look like my dog is going to have a new toys !!!

Gail Brazier

When will this product be available in South Africa and what would the approximate cost be in SA Rands?

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