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It's Puppy Time - Using a Swiffer, GoPro and Duct Tape!



This darling video, done by Sam Nevens, is becoming viral at over 600,000 views.  I asked Sam to let me know the story behind the video and I think it will make you smile.  It did for me. 


"I had recently quit my job and moved to Maine to help my parents move out of the place they had lived in for the last 30 years. Honestly, I wasn’t looking forward to it, but there was a sliver lining as my mothers hunting dog just had puppies. Each day after moving boxes and furniture, we would release the little sweeties from their playpen and let them run around the farm, which ended up being just as much fun for us as it was for them and a great way to re-charge everyones batteries.

Having a video production background I knew if I captured the event it would be a hit, so I designed a unique rig for my GoPro out of a Swifter-360 Duster and some duct tape. At first the pups weren’t quite sure what to make of the device following their every move. One in particular, Derby, never got over it and just flopped along in excitement.

These puppies were bred as hunting dogs who help find injured game that hunters have shot but can no longer track."


Thank you Sam for sharing this with the world and I hope you make more.  You have a definite talent for catching the moments. 




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Jordan Walker

Aw, those puppies are so cute and this video made my day. They seem so happy while running and playing. Thanks for sharing the story behind this video Sam.

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