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Cuddle Clones - A One-of-a-kind Plush Replica of Your Pet




(Disclosure (as required by the FTC)  Cuddle Clones is participating in the "Posts for Pets" fundraising program, with an oppotunity to inform readers about their product while helping the SPCA in Puerto Vallarta.  Fee for the sponsored post goes directly to the animal sanctuary. Thank you Cuddle Clones!.  I am also an affiliate, with earnings going toward rescue work)



When I first saw these custom-made plush creations online, my jaw dropped.   Since I was a kid, I have always referred to stuffed animals as "stuffies" and still do, at the ripe young age of 51.   "My dog can be a stuffie!  Whhaaat?" were my exact words when I happened to stumble upon the Cuddle Clones website. I find I visit their Facebook daily as I just can't get enough of the new ones that are being "born" for pet lovers everywhere. 

Take a look at this recent photo of the new members of the Cuddle Clones family.  Isn't it incredible?!   (Can you spot the Chinchilla?) 


Graduating class




My blog aims to celebrate the love we have for our pets and this company is all about just that. If your pet is still with you or if they have gone to the Rainbow Bridge, what a wonderful way to celebrate them.   





The Founder of the company is Jennifer Graham - whos story behind the creation of the company is heartwarming.   This is from their site: 

"Our story starts on a summer evening in 2005 when our founder, Jennifer Graham, was lying down with her best pal in the world, her Great Dane Rufus. Jennifer thought to herself "It would be great to have a stuffed animal of Rufus! Not a generic stuffed animal but one that was 100% custom-made to look JUST like him." Several years passed but Jennifer never completely let go of the idea she had on that day. Then, in the fall of 2009, her beloved Rufus began to get sick. Rufus passed away on Thanksgiving of that year. Jennifer decided then and there that she would pursue the idea she had never quite let go of, and in doing so, honor Rufus' memory. This was the day Cuddle Clones was born.

Since that day, Jennifer has poured all of her time, money and effort into making Cuddle Clones a company that would not only provide a unique, quality product to pet-lovers everywhere, but also a company that would give back to the pet community whenever and wherever possible through pet-related causes and animal charities." 



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1674 Hip Hop


So if your beloved pet is a dog, cat, horse, hamster, rabbit, guinea pig, ferret or chinchilla and you want to create something so darn special, you're a Cuddle Clones peep.   Check out the photo gallery and be ready to be amazed at what magic they can do.  



For all the information you need on how you can have your very own Cuddle Clone, check out their website; You can also follow Cuddle Clones on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.   I am busy going through photos of Oscar deciding which one to send in for my Cuddle Clone.  Now THAT will be an exciting mail delivery day in this household! 

COOL NEWS!  Receive 10% off your order by using the code PBL10.  And you can also order accessories for your cuddle clone - like collars, t-shirts and hoodies.  Happy ordering and I'm excited for you to see your pet "cloned" for future snuggles and cuddles. 




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