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Random Summer Musings - Gratitude, Fun & My New Plant, Venus




Just this past Monday I celebrated my birthday.  51, to be exact.  That's the new 41, by the way. August 11th always seems to mark the slow decline of summer days for me, with Back to School ads coming out and Fall fashions freshly hung in all of the stores.  I love summer but I am truly okay with all seasons.  Well....except winter.  Hence my all-time dream to live in Puerto Vallarta during the winter months someday.  And to volunteer with the SPCA there. 

Today marks International Homeless Animals' Day and for me, is a time to feel very grateful. Grateful for the people who work so hard to rescue, heal, foster and adopt the millions of cats and dogs out there that have been dealt a bad hand in life.  And to feel grateful for having a dog that brings me such joy and comfort.  One of the few furry souls that get the opportunity to live their lives in a loving and caring environment. 




This has been a summer of fun and adventure.  And lots of activities with Oscar.  Trips to the beach, hikes in the forest, meet-ups at the doggie park, home haircuts, frozen treat making and fetching in the backyard.  Oscar is getting older and is definitely slowing down. So the hikes aren't as far and the fetching sessions not as long.    He seems happy and healthy though and that's a great thing.  He has been tick and flea free all summer, thanks to K9advantix.  They sponsored a giveaway back in June.  (Grateful for that too) 


No fleas on oscar


Speaking of ticks......

For my birthday I got a super cool present from my bestie, Samantha.  A Venus Flytrap plant!  I named her "Venus....The Insect Eating Goddess".  Pretty darn cool specimen in this zany world of nature, wouldn't you agree?




While doing some work on my fence to help make my house more appealing for selling, I discovered a small tick on the wood just minding its own tick business.   That's all very nice but I don't like ticks and Venus was feeling a little peckish.  I didn't get the actual "action photo" of the Tick Lunch Special but this is kind of how it all went down. 




I'm hoping Venus survives and thrives as I have a terrible track record for keeping plants alive.   When I shop at the garden centre in the Spring, I swear I hear people whispering "Murderer" as they pass by.  If God's a Diphenbachia, I am hooped.  Just saying. 

This is probably my most random musing post ever.  Probably going to have a lot more as I have challenged myself to post everyday, especially with my Fundraiser special for the SPCA in PV.   If you have a pet product you'd like to promote between now and September 15th, this opportunity is for you. 

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Okay.... Better get back to scraping the fence as prep for tomorrow's painting.   I'm determined to sell my house and move on to new experiences and adventures.  And Oscar, Frank, Sherman and Venus are all coming with me.