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“Leave a Message” - Making Your House Dog Friendly

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Even the most devoted dog lovers have to leave their beloved pooch at home every now and again: whether it's to go to work, do the grocery shopping, eat at a restaurant or attend church, there are some places that you can't take man's best friend.

Luckily, there are modifications and things you can do around the home to make your house dog friendly and safe when you have to go out for short periods of time.


Dog flaps

Why not let your dog come and go as they please by installing some dog flaps around your house. This will allow your pet to get some fresh air, exercise and use their toilet area at will so that you don't have to worry that your lovely dog is waiting uncomfortably for you to return and take him outdoors. There are many top of the range doors which allow for security as well as comfort: your pet can wear a magnet on his collar: only he can get in and out — no danger or stray cats, raccoons or other dogs sneaking into your home!

Dogs and flaps


Indoor / outdoor kennels

Some people don't have the right environment to allow their pet outdoors while the owners aren't home, but you can get an outdoor kennel with secure fencing, enabling your dog to run around outdoors safely.

If your dog isn't house trained yet, you can purchase an indoor kennel to keep them contained without any risk to them or the rest of the house. This is a short-term solution: it's not great for long stretches of time. Some pet owners find that this will help with house training too, since a dog will be reluctant to mess its own space.


Dog's eye view

You might feel silly, but this is a sensible idea in the long run: get down on all fours and look around your home. Inspect for potential dangers of choking, poisoning and overeating (even trash).

Food dispensing toys

One of the worries of leaving your dog home alone is that they'll get bored. There are lots of toys on the market that can be stuffed with food, which can keep them active and engaged as the toy releases food piece by piece. Some people even suggest scattering dry food across the floor to enable your dog to forage throughout the day.


Food dispenser

Image source: Pitlandia


Last of all, remember that dogs are sociable animals and spending too much time alone isn’t ideal. These measures are to make your dog's time alone as bearable as possible, but nothing is a substitute for company and entertainment, so make sure you hang out with your dog as much as you can!




Disclosure: (As required by the FTC)  This is a sponsored post with ALL proceeds to the SPCA in Puerto Vallarta



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Cute Pets

I also have an indoor kennel for my tick. It's a very great idea to start his training. :D

M. K. Clinton

Great ideas. I'll have to try the food dispensing toys. ☺

Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady

Wonderful post, with some great ideas! It is so impawtant to dog proof your house. This way, your not setting your dog up for failure when you have to leave them alone in the house!
ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!


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It's Dog or Nothing

We try and leave the pups with a Kong or something interactive when we leave to keep them busy :)

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