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Guest contributor:  James White (On Behalf of the Havahart Community)


Just like Lisa, I’m a passionate advocate for “unwanted” pets. I think all cats and dogs are wanted once they are introduced to the right pet parents, but until then, we have to remember the millions are sitting in shelters across the country.

Havahart, a company that manufacturers caring control products for wildlife and pets, tells the frightening but true story about the pet trade. This 15 billion dollar industry is growing at an alarming rate.

Many of the exotic pets listed don’t even make it their owner’s home, with 90% dying during unimaginably inhuman transport. During travel, they are abused and malnourished. Turtles are even taped up and stuck into socks.

 If they do reach their home, many die at the hands of owners unfamiliar with how to care for exotic animals, not to mention exotic animals can cause injury to humans, as most are natural predators after all.

You might be thinking, “Leopards, lions and bears? Why is this important for cat and dog lovers like us?” While Americans were spending billions of dollars on exotic pets last year, nearly 3 million cats and dogs were put to death in overcrowded shelters.

This year, over 8 million “unwanted” dogs and cats will be put placed in 3,500 shelters. Simply put, shopping for dogs and cats, especially at disreputable pet stores, instead of adopting from shelters encourages a black market for all pets. 

So when it is time for you to add to your family or become a pet parent for the first time, go to your local shelter for a cat or dog. Resist the urge to buy exotic pets, and offer a home to an animal in need. 


insidetheExoticPetTrade FINALLL Don’t Shop, Adopt: Inside the Exotic Pet Trade

Infographic Created by Havahart

About the Author:  James White is an advocate for homeless pets and writes for Havahart. He and his furry friend enjoy frisbee and healthy home cooked meals. Find James on Twitter @JGtheSavage.



Disclosure: (As required by the FTC)  Havahart participated in the Post for Pets with 100% of monies donated to the SPCA in Puerto Vallarta.  Thank you Havahart!