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The Ultimate in Chicken Houses from Omlet - Stylish & Functional




Back in the winter I wrote an article called "A Vested Interest in Chicken Safety".  It was one of the most read articles over the winter season.  I am thinking that people secretly have an affection for chickens and a sincere curiosity about raising them.  


Chicken safety


I let the creators of the vests know I had written about them and they generously offered to send me a chicken house and hamster home - all the way from England!  I had full intentions of using both of them but with my mental health break this Spring and now an imminent move, it just didn't happen.  I did however find wonderful families to take the items and put them to much appreciated use. 

Omlet is a company that carries a wide selection of supplies not just for chickens, but for hamsters & gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits and even for bee-keeping.   They are based in the UK but now ship to the USA, which is where many of my blog readers live.  I was sent an Eglu Go and once you see the video, you'll know what I mean about products being cool. 



The Schweb Family in the neighboring town of Armstrong were very happy to have the Egu Glo, first to house their two beloved rabbits, Peaches and Oreo (while the rabbit hutch was being set up) and then now, their beloved chicken "Feathers".   It was good timing for Feathers as they recently had what they thought was a coyote in their regular chicken coop and Feathers was the sole survivor.  She is happy now and will soon have a room-mate, given that chickens are social creatures and appreciate the company. 

Rabbits collage

 (Peaches & Oreo got to break in the Eglu before Feathers got permanent residency)



 (They have the best of both worlds with cool grass and a cozy place to hunker down)


Rabbits together






You got to love the colors that these wonderful little chicken houses come in.....Red, Green, Orange and now Purple. 

Then it was Feathers turn at the new "digs" and he settled in very nicely.


Life is good
  Nice and cozy

  Rocks and bungee cords


The Eglu Go is already very secure but due to the recent disaster at the old chicken coop, the Schwebs felt better adding some extra reinforcements.  Living in raccoon, coyote and bear country will do that.  (They have a very friendly and persistent raccoon on their property named Rocky that will wait at the door for treats)  Just don't want that treat to be Feathers!



(It was easy to assemble and a breeze to clean)

Eglu_go_with_run_green photo


So for those considering entering the world of chicken raising, picture your feathered family living the good live in an Eglu Go.

Check out their website at and you can also follow them on Facebook (Their UK page) and Twitter