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Pet prints 3d


A couple of months ago I discovered PetPrints 3D on Twitter and I just had to learn more about what they do.   The custom designed models shown on their website, created from mere photographs of loved family pets, were remarkable.  Incredible in fact. 

After the introductory emails, they offered to create one of Oscar in exchange for a review and I was totally over the moon.  The Pet Blog Lady office seriously looks like "Oscarville" in here, with photographs, drawings, a photo coffee mug and a canvas print - all featuring you know who.


Over the moon

(I was over the moon when they offered to create a model of Oscar) 


They have very simple instructions on their website on submitting photos that will best work in the process of creating a 3D model.  I don't know the "crafting science" of it all but basically they took these photos (taken with my iPhone) .......




And turned it into this...








As you can just imagine, I was absolutely delighted with this treasure that has officially become my favorite keepsake of Oscar.  I can't stop looking at it.  Seriously. They even managed to define his dusty belly and dusty snout - a common look for him as a result of digging under the outside stairs looking for who knows what.  They totally captured him.   

Since the models are created from photographs, it isn't just for dogs, of course.  Cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, turtles, horses..... They make them come to 3D life. 








You'll find lots of information on their website on how you can make a 3D model happen for your beloved pet.  The prices are affordable, considering what you receive and the fantastic craftmanship involved.  It's an item that I will treasure for years and years to come - while Oscar is still here and for after when he has made his way to the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you SO much Pet Prints 3D.  I absolutely love my "mini Oscar".

To see photos of new models being created, please be sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Instagram