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Bowzer Box - Monthly Subscription of "WOW" for Your Dog!


Bowzer collage

 (Oscar can smell the goodies even before the box is open.  Calls himself "Radar Snout")


Over the past 3 months, Oscar has been treated to what I think, is THE best monthly treat and toy subscription for dogs out there.  (and as a pet blogger, I have been sent many)  Bowzer Box is a Canadian company, delivering what I call boxes of "WOW" to dog lovers in Canada. The products are top notch and to be honest, I get just as excited when it arrives as Oscar does. I'll pass on the tasty kibble and the squecky toys, but I will certainly enjoy seeing how happy Oscar is when we crack open the box. 

I asked the Founder and Owner of Bowzer Box, Pamela Green, to tell me a little about the business and what led to its creation. 


Why did you start Bowzer Box?

"It all started as a idea in the back of my mind—that maybe I could take my love of dogs and do something really special with it—turned into a series of days, weeks, and months filled with research, planning, and creating.  Being a dog lover I wanted to do something cool to bring that love to other dog lovers across Canada. My research helped me come across the popularity of subscription boxes for dogs out of the US and not a single one from Canada.  This was my push to create Bowzer Box."


How do you choose products for the monthly boxes?

"The first thing I look for is Canadian or US made, second I look at the ingredients - less is best.  I also listen to feedback from our subscribers, I truly value their opinions.  I've been fortunate to make some fantastic connections these last few months which have definitely helped me with product selection.  I like to use my dog as a taste tester but she will eat anything, if I picked her favourites I'd be putting potato chips in the boxes!"


Tell us about your 10% of sales to animals in need program?

"This is the best part of my job!  My initial inspiration comes from my beagle Quinny who I almost lost to parvo virus as a pup (healthiest little girl now)."



(Quinny was an inspiration for Pam)


"During the first month of operation, even before we had any sales, we partnered with our local humane society adoptathon. During the month of March, every dog who was adopted went home with their very own Bowzer Box.  We also just started a great affiliation program with a ton of Canadian rescue groups, we also support their events with free boxes/treats/toys or sponsorship.  It's been tough not to come home with a new dog after seeing all the pups in need of homes.  I have such respect and admiration for all the wonderful people who donate their time for dogs in need." 

Five(Bowzer staff delivering boxes to the Kitchener/Waterloo Humane Society)


(Wide selection of quality products)



(A happy recipient) 


3 simpls steps

I always love to hear the story behind a business and what inspired people to pursue their dreams.  Total Pet Blog Lady warm fuzzies.  

You can order your dog his or her very own Bowzer Box, choosing a 1, 3 or 6 month subscription. Of course the 6 month option is the best value.  Plus - If your dog is anything like Oscar, he or she will be expecting that magical delivery person to show up every month with a new stash.




Check out their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter

*** BONUS *** for The Pet Blog Lady Readers!  Get $10 OFF your first Bowzer Box subscription (can be used for Gift Subscriptions too) when you use code PBL at check-out (case-sensitive).

GIVEAWAY!!  Want to win a Bowzer Box for your dog?  Just enter the giveaway below. (Canada and USA Residents)  And a huge thank you Bowzer Box, for giving "Radar Snout" a workout.  


a Rafflecopter giveaway



Disclosure (as required by the FTC)  I was given a three month subscription from Bowzer Box and the opnions expressed are those of my own.  Oscar's too. 


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My dog can definitely sniff through boxes! lol


Bain is a true hunting dog, he definitely can smell out any treats in anything!


Bain is getting wiggly for this! He's pawing at me right now.

Kelly Ann T.

My dog Artie thinks that all boxes that come into the house are his. If there is not something for him in it he barks at me as if to say, "What is this all about?"


Yes. My dogs can sniff out food ANYWHERE.

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