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The Shelter Pet Project - Celebrating Adopt-a-Cat Month




Cat season is here! This means that throughout the month of June, the focus is on cats, many of whom will enter shelters across the United States in the late spring and early summer. These animals will join the estimated 6-8 million cats and dogs that will enter shelters this year and who need our help to find a home.




The Shelter Pet Project—a collaborative effort between The Humane Society of the United States, Maddie’s Fund® and the leading producer of public service advertising (PSA) campaigns, The Ad Council—aims to help shelter animals find loving homes. The Shelter Pet Project is celebrating Adopt-a-Cat Month with their radio, TV, out-of-home and interactive PSAs that will melt your heart. 



Find a cat (or dog) available for adoption near you!


On the Shelter Pet Project website, there is a very handy search tool to help you find your new feline family member.   Below you can see I typed in my postal code and discovered dozens of cats available for adoption in my community and in the surrounding areas.   All looking for loving homes.  




How fun is this?!  You can recreate the experience of playing with a real-life cat or dog with this new interactive experience:  Just pick the animal you want to get to know, and you’ll see them run, purr, jump and play. 




There is another week left in June to celebrate Adopt-a-Cat month.  You can be part of the event by considering adding a cat (or two!) into your home.  They will love you for it.