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Surprise Your Cat with a Monthly Meowbox - Giveaway

  Meowbox3There seems to be so many monthly subscription boxes for dogs these days.  The cats seem to miss out on all of the subscription "action".   I was very delighted to find there is a company that takes care of our feline friends and they are right here in Canada!  MEOWBOX offers 1, 3 and 6 months subscriptions, featuring a variety of delightful products in different cat-egories.   They seek out food and treats that are made with natural ingredients, are tasty, nutritious, wholesome, organic, or locally made.

I love this line on their site. "Here at meowbox, we love our cats in a crazy way and would only give your babies what we give ours."  To me, crazy way is the only way when it comes to our pets. 

They work with brands they trust, many which you're most likely to recognize.  


 A very curious Miss Sophia checking out her surprise.



 The wet spot on the tissue paper is cat drool!


Meow 5

 Great selection with info card explaining the products. 


 I'm guessing from this video that Sophia is one very happy cat!



 Treat YOUR cat to a monthly MEOWBOX


Meowbox is available to both Canada and USA cat lovers.  The 6-month subscription at $19.95 is the best deal, and for what you receive, it's excellent value.  Plus the love you'll receive from your cat.....priceless.

GIVEAWAY TIME!  Want to win a month of Meowbox for your feline family member?  Enter the giveaway below.  Good luck to all!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you to the peeps at Meowbox for sending me a box which I passed along to my dear friend Pat and her beloved cat Miss Sophia.  I unfortunately can't have cats due to allergies.  Which is a bummer, being the Pet Blog Lady and all.   So for those who have cats, I'd highly recommend treating them to a monthly Meowbox.  They deserve it!  (Plus, I really like how you can customize the box to best suit your kitty)

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Lucie Harvey

Minnie would love to receive this big surprise meowbox.


This is a great gift box. There really isn't much out there for cats.


My kitten's name is Storm <3


Sylvie, Charlie and Zoe would love to get these fun surprises! Thanks for the great reviews.

Lauren E.

My cat Lily would LOOOVE this

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