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Happy Birthday Hope for Paws + Epic "Desert Rescue Mission"


Hope for paws birthday


I am a day late in wishing my favorite rescue group a very Happy 6th Birthday!  Hope for Paws was founded by Eldad Hagar and Audrey Spilker Hagar in 2008 and over the past 6 years, they have saved countless number of dogs off the streets of Los Angeles and beyond. 

Their message of hope for these unwanted animals has stretched around the globe over and over again, creating awareness to the plight of these forgotten dogs.  Over 150,000,000 views when combining their You Tube videos and photos posted on flickr.  That's a lot of eyeballs.  And hearts. 

Dogs of the desert

(Photo sent to Eldad when asking for his rescue help - Sunna, Moses, Sahara & Tanami)

Two sisters, a mom and a son


Eldad's most recent rescue video is one of the best ones I have ever seen.  He refers to it as the "Epic Desert Rescue Mission".  His friends Esther and Chyrise sent him a photo of the dogs - barely surviving in the desert.  People were kind to leave food out for them but were unsuccessful in catching them. 

Lisa Arturo joined Eldad several days in a row for this tough challenge of securing these suffering dogs and bringing them into much needed veterinary care.   It all happened in 104 degree heat, with two of the dogs suffering from life-threatening injuries.


Sign for eldad

 They were sure to let Eldad and Lisa know which road to take

Desert dogs2

Very scared and injured but soon to be in the hands of people who care


So grab your tea or coffee and take the time to watch this incredible video.  It will be 20 minutes well spent.  I promise.



To see more photos of the rescue, please check out Eldad's flickr page.  You can also make a difference to these dogs and hundreds, perhaps even thousands more by making a donation to Hope for Paws.  Even $5 will add up when we all work together to raise the monies needed for crucial veterinary care.   DONATE HERE.  

To learn about adopting one of these dogs, please visit Doggy Smiles Rescue.  They have graciously taken the dogs in for fostering and are handling the adoption process. 


Doggie smiles rescue


Visit the Hope for Paws website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you Eldad, Audrey, Lisa and all of your volunteers that are giving these beautiful dogs a second chance at life.