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Dog Rescues his “Girl” - Baypath Humane Society


Staff at Baypath Humane Society received a call last week about a pair of dogs who appeared to have been dumped nearby. They were able to find the male, a sweet young dog they named Mush—but his mate proved elusive. She was hiding in a far away field, scared and alone—until a staff member brought Mush to the scene. Mush saved the day, giving his girl Blush the confidence to come running to safety.



Blush arrived in rough shape, having been out in the elements alone with no food or water, and having just recently given birth to puppies. The pair is getting much TLC at the shelter. Mush & Blush’s love for each other has made an impression on everyone they’ve met, and the affectionate pair quickly became favorites among shelter staff and volunteers.

The shelter is anxious to find homes for these sweet souls. They need a quiet foster home or forever home where they can thrive. Much as they would like to keep Mush & Blush together, if this isn’t possible, they can be adopted or fostered separately.



To meet Blush & Mush, please stop by the shelter at 5 Rafferty Road in Hopkinton, MA today. They’re open daily from 11:30AM-4:30PM.   For more information, please call 508-435-6938 or check out their video.





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Jordan Walker

I'm glad that Mush saved Blush and they are now being taken cared of. I know it was so hard for Blush alone with no food and water. But she is such a strong girl . I hope that they will find their forever home.

I'm just wondering what happened to the puppies? Are they still alive? I hope the puppies are okay.


They're adorable. :) I hope they're adopted out soon.

Lisa Taron (The Pet Blog Lady)

My understanding is that she was abandoned after having and weening off her puppies. Heartbreaking.


Any word on the puppies? They surely searched the area for them...

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