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Cat Houses and Cat Beds That Rock

Tom Davies from had his cat beds and cat houses displayed at the recent BlogPaws conference in Las Vegas.  I asked Tom to tell me about his business and what has inspired him in this creative venture. 
Cat bed collage
The Story Behind My Cat Beds:
You're a cat owner. You know how it goes. 
You come home from shopping, put your items away and turn around to find the cat curled up in the bag. 
Then, you get a package in the mail. You unpack it and into the box hops kitty. Before you know it, your house is littered with empty bags and boxes for the cat to luxuriate in. 
We want our cats to be happy, but what a mess!
To help keep cats and their owners happy, I designed the Post and Beam Cat House and the Googie Cat Bed  comfy spots for the cat to chill out that are also uniquely modern pieces of furniture. 
Inspired by architectural styles popular in the mid-twentieth century, these beds are 100% handmade by the designer (that's me) and offer a level of craftsmanship you won't find in other cat enclosures.
Now, my home isn't cluttered, my cat is happy having his own small spaces to relax in, and I've got some unique cool furniture.
The Post and Beam Cat House and the Googie Cat Bed are available only at
Post and beam collage
Why are you passionate about your cat beds?
I love my cat!   If I could, I would sit and watch my cat all day, but I haven't found the job description that requires that skill (yet!). So, when I'm home I like to see my cat happy in his environment which means giving him plenty of spots to claim as his own.
How He Started His Business:
After working for over ten years as a web designer and art director in corporate art and marketing departments, Tom Davies decided to stop pushing pixels around a computer screen and to start making real objects that exist in the real world.
Trained as an artist in Massachusetts and forever designing and building, Tom combines his skills as an artist and furniture maker with his natural (one might say compulsive) attention to detail. His home is filled with handmade objects of his own original design.
Tom has been asked “Where did you get that?” by guests in his home often enough that he has now launched as a way to share his creations with the rest of the world. 
Tom - Your cat houses and beds are indeed very classy.  I love knowing that people like yourself are making a living from the passions that inspire them.