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Bathtime Visitors - Wordless Wednesday

Cat bath

Dog bathA huge thank you to Emily Asp from The Bichon Lovers Clubhouse on Facebook for permission to use these photos of her darlings.  Her dog, Louis and her cat, Woodhouse always come to visit at bathtime.  Aren't they adorable!

Who else can relate to this?  My Oscar will poke his head through the shower curtain and once he sees I am not coming out anytime soon, will lay down on the bath mat and wait until I am done. Like he's keeping guard.  Good boy!





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Lisa Taron (Pet Blog Lady)

Oscar never seems to miss a bathtime. Often he'll lick my legs when I get out. Depending on the type of bubble bath I used. Yum!

Jordan Walker

I agree with you that Louis and Woodhouse are very adorable. They seems so excited for their bath time. Louis seems like a stuffed toy in this pic. She's so cute.

My dog will lie down outside the door and wait for me until I'm done. He would bark if he's already bored waiting for me.

Andrea @ This Pug Life

Pug makes himself a nest out of clothes or rugs while I'm in the shower.

Caren Gittleman



Once I turn the shower water on, Jack will lie down in the hallway and wait...

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