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Over the next couple of weeks, I am featuring pet products that really stand out for me. There are so many incredibly creative and talented people in the pet industry and their creations are individual works of art.   I had the pleasure of discovering Pawfect Pet Feeders and asked the Founder, JJ De La Rosa, how the business came to be. 
What inspired you to create these wonderful pet feeders?
My dog Neron stands at 28" at the shoulders, and he, like many dogs, ate and drank out of bowls that were on the floor.  It pained me to see him reach down so far to eat and drink that I went to the pet stores to buy him an elevated feeder, but I could not find one that I liked.


While I was working for my parents as director of operations at their upholstery and furniture manufacturing business in Texas (De La Rosa Upholstery), I used the materials that I had and let me imagination run freely.  I upholstered his box in black faux crocodile skin and designed it with his name in chrome nail head trim.  I liked it so much that I built a pink one for my other dog.  That is literally how I started it.  
Neron 1
How would you describe your passion for creating custom made pet feeders?
It is my passion because I get to blend my love for dogs, my love for my family's business and trade of upholstery, and I get to run my own small business!  My goal is to attend a few animal expos to really get the product out there, get it into a pet stores, and ultimately I would LOVE to get licensing rights the the major sports: NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, and NCAA so I can do college logos.  I already have a few made, but I cannot market them because I do not have the rights to the logos.

How does one order a pet feeder for their beloved pet?
On our website, Pawfect Pet Feeders, you can build your very own in three easy steps. You can choose:
1. Style and size (2-bowl or 3-bowl in Tiny, S, M, L, XL, or Jumbo)
2. The material (textured or non-textured vinyl) 
3. Font and stitching color (Embroidery is optional) 
Be sure to check out their Testimonial page from happy customers. 
Speaking of happy customers, I was absolutely delighted when they created a custom pet feeder for Oscar!  Just so you know, I keep kibble on one side and Skittles for me on the other, as Oscar's waterbowl is in the bathroom and he is very fussy about it.   He's an odd duck, my Oscar. (and he doesn't eat Skittles so he's safe)
Thank you so much JJ for creating such a lovely gift for Oscar and I and for offering such a classy and practical solution for pet parents everywhere. 
You can follow them on Twitter and on Facebook.   Check out their website at www.PawfectPetFeeders.com 


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Green Clean Commercial Cleaning

My dog is a big breed as well and it wasn't until I watched him eat that I realized there was a problem. I couldn't imaging eating facing down. After getting him a feeder like this (not as stylish of course), what a difference it made. The beautiful thing about these feeders is they can compliment the interior design of your home. Great work. Love them. Anything that makes an animals life easier is a win in my book.


Nice pet feeders you got there. Impressive work.

Amore Interiors

These things are awesome! We have a storage/bowl feeder but nothing as stylish as these. We definitely appreciate the design quality and craftsmanship. Great work.

Jordan Walker

Brilliant idea and the outcome is very cool. I like the idea of having a personalized pet feeders. I agree with Kimberly that it's very easy to clean it since they open up. I like Neron's pet feeder since it's made of a black faux crocodile skin.

Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady

Love it!!! Definitely cool!
ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

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