Wordless Wednesday - Taking Frank to BlogPaws
Gifts for Pet Lovers, Floating Sharks & Talking Dog Collar Giveaway

NOKIA 928 Phone Giveaway and Giftcard for a BlogPaws Peep!


Blogpaws checklist


In just one week I'll be at the BlogPaws 2014 Conference, always the highlight of my year as a pet blogger.  I LOVE everything about this conference...the peeps, the pets, the sessions, the laughter, the Red Carpet Night, the food, the networking....it goes on and on. 

Not too long ago, the very nice folks at NOKIA sent me a spiffy new cell phone, the NOKIA LUMIA 928.   I am always happy to receive free things but I am realizing I'd much rather give it away.  I already have a cell phone, plus with the NOKIA, the cell phone provider needs to be Verizon, which is not available here in the Great White North of Canada.   Our phones are very simple up here.  My provider is TWINE. 



Conference call


Want to hear some cool news?  I am giving the NOKIA phone away at BlogPaws and only those in attendance can enter! It comes with a $50 Gift Card for Apps and Games.  So the total value is $450 smackaroos.  Sweet!


Nokia 928

Gift card

This video shows all of the bells and whistles, as demonstrated by a guy in a spiffy checked shirt.  



So for all of you attending this years BlogPaws conference at the beautiful Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort, be sure to enter!  I'll make the draw on Saturday evening, May 10th.   Good luck and have a hoot at BlogPaws everyone!!  See you there!  

(p.s. I have 2nd draw for a pair of Squirrel ear buds, which is just as cool as a cell phone, in my books) 

Squirrel earbuds

a Rafflecopter giveaway






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OK, technically I'm not going to be at blogpaws this year.. :( but if I win, can you give it to a friend to get it to me??

and since the pasty white guy is sold separately, can I inquire as to the price?? I already have my own blurry lawn, so we are good there ;)

Enjoy your trip, and your time at the conference, I know you are going to have a blast!

Lauren E.

I think the best thing about BlogPaws is meeting other pet enthusiasts. Especially meeting people interested in the same breeds. Since my kitty is an indoors only cat (as are most sphynx, and they should be) I never get to meet other sphynx owners.

Layla Morgan Wilde (Cat Wisdom 101)

This is my first time so everything. Look forward to meeting you!

Lisa Taron (Pet Blog Lady)

Oh my dawg! That is so wonderful to hear! I'm starting to get giddy. I'm sure that's why I always get pulled aside at Customs. Have that "look" on my face that I am up to something.

M. K. Clinton

Wow, do I have to pick one? I can't wait to meet all of my other blogging buddies, learn how to make a better blog,and meet you! You are the entire reason that I am a pet blogger. I followed you on Twitter one day,it has led me to BlogPaws and where I am now! (Packing for Vegas) I owe you a big hug and enormous thanks!!

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