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Misunderstanding the Rottweiler


Recently Andrew James of Rottweiler Headquarters contacted me about submitting a post. Thank you Andrew for the information and for helping people understand this wonderful breed. 



A lot of people are scared of the Rottweiler. Whenever scary dogs are portrayed in television shows and movies, it is always the Rottweiler that is shown to attack people with their vicious looking fangs. It does not help that they do not look as cutesy as other dogs too. The truth is that there are some insurance companies that will not provide insurance to people who own the Rottweiler breed. There are also some Rottweiler dogs that can be considered a danger to people and even to their own kind.

It seems that what a lot of people do not realize that the dangerous side of the Rottweiler is not innate. This means that when it is born, it is similar to other dogs. There are just times when their owners make them become dangerous either because of training or because of how their trainers are treating them.




Some Things You Need to Know

Do you even know that the Rottweiler craves the lot and attention of its owners? The Rottweiler is always craving to be cared for by its owners but when it is left alone; it becomes miserable and maybe even angry. We have always seen some Rottweiler tightly placed to guard the house or an empty lot all alone. It makes the Rottie become sad in the beginning but dangerous in the end. The main reason for this is probably because of the intelligence of the Rottweiler.

The Rott’s are very strong. This is the main reason why it can tear some people into pieces if it is instructed to do so. Since it is highly intelligent, it can easily be taught a lot of things. If the owner is neglectful, the dog will feel it immediately.

The Rottweiler is actually a social dog breed. This means that if you treat it fairly, you can be sure that it will follow you like a loving pet from one room to another. You can also count on it treating you with respect especially if it knows that you are the alpha and it should follow you. It can be a bit stubborn sometimes though so this is something that you should learn to live with.


How can the Rottweiler be an Excellent Pet?

In order to make the Rottweiler an excellent pet, here are some things that you should do:

  • Be Patient – Like mentioned earlier, there will be times when the Rottweiler will be stubborn. It will not be able to understand immediately why some things are okay to do and why others are not. If you would continue to teach it proper house rules and manners, it will start doing things your way.
  • Have a Wide Array of Activities for Your Rottweiler – The Rottweiler has a lot of energy and in order to burn off that energy, you would need to be able to provide the exercises that it needs. You can play fetch with it with the use of a ball and you can even go swimming with it. Remember that the Rottweiler is very versatile and highly skilled. It can do a lot of things that other dog breeds cannot do.
  • Be Physically Strong – If you are frail and weak, it will be hard for you to care for a Rottweiler. You have to remember that when it is in its adult size, it can be very large. There may be times when it would want to hug you and put its head on your shoulders and if you are not strong enough, you might fall. You also have to be able to control your dog especially when you are walking your pet.
  • Be Appreciative – The Rottweiler is known to have an almost human-like sense of humor. This being said, it can make goofy movements that can make you laugh. When it senses that it is making you laugh, it will do more of those movements. You can surely form a strong bond with it through your sense of humor.
  • Be Responsible – The overall traits that your Rottweiler will encompass when it becomes an adult relies entirely on how you will treat it. If you would treat it well, it will also treat you well. In fact, it can be the best companion that you will ever have but if you would neglect it and fail to take care of it, it can be the most vicious animal you have ever seen.


The Rottweiler is often misunderstood but we have to remember that being a mature, responsible adult will help you breed a Rottweiler that craves human attention and will give all its love to its owners in return.




Author Bio:  Andrew James is the creator and owner of the Rottweiler Headquarters website. is imagined as a go-to place where you can find all relevant and interesting information about this great and gorgeous breed. You can connect with them via social media: Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Pinterest or by joining their newsletter (and grabbing 2 FREE eBooks on "Dieting Your Dog" and "Dog Tricks")


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