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Gifts for Pet Lovers, Floating Sharks & Talking Dog Collar Giveaway

(Disclosure: As required by the FTC.  I received a gift card to buy Sherman from Skymall.  He's a happy shark.)



Okay.  I confess.  When SkyMall sent me an email asking if I would be interested in letting my readers know about their pet products in exchange for a gift certificate, I jumped on it.   Not because I am a softie for free things but because I have always wanted a remote control shark. A friend for my office assistant Frank the Fish and an item of amusement for myself.  Win for both of us. 

Before I agreed, I of course checked out the products they sell for pet lovers and I was very impressed.   256 items in the pet category alone.  From portable water feeders to crates and carriers.  You can search for items in either the cat or dog section and also by price range, color and size.


Skymall collage

Skymall collage2

This time next week it will be Mothers Day and soon after, it will be Fathers Day.  As far as I am concerned, both days should be celebrated in honor of the cat and dog moms and dads out there. (Every year Oscar gets me a hanging basket from the local garden centre.  He has a fabulous sense of color). 

Now here is some very cool news.  Pet Blog Lady readers can save 25% off their SkyMall purchase from now until May 31, with code SM25TPBL.  (NOTE:  This is store-wide. Not just pet related items) 

And yes - that also means you too can own your own remote control shark.  I mean seriously - why would you not want one of these?  Or a clown fish.  Perfect for those who aren't allowed pets in their apartments.  No feeding required!





I hope you take advantage of the 25% off as it only lasts until the end of the month.  (NOTE for Canadians: Please be aware of possible import charges which are close to 40% of the cost of the item - payable upon delivery)  SkyMall is best for USA residents, cost-wise. 


GIVEAWAY time!  While ordering Sherman, I ordered an extra Talking Dog Collar to give away to one lucky reader.  It is a little bulky and not suitable for a really small dog.  It works up to 100 feet away and can record up to four messages.   Pure silly fun, I say.  Good for the soul.





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Good luck and in the meantime, Happy Shopping!


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